Salford Health Atlas

Whenever someone in the UK visits their GP or the hospital, their medical condition (including test results, vaccinations, etc.) is recorded in their personal NHS health file. This health informatics research project uses NHS records from the population living in the city of Salford, UK (over 200,000 people). Salford is targeted as it has over ten years of NHS records stored in a state-of-the-art computer system. Everyone’s records are regularly collected so are completely up-to-date (over 200 million events have so far been recorded).

This project, using the Salford NHS records, will create a health atlas based around various common long-term diseases (e.g. diabetes, chronic kidney disease, etc.). Each map will show which regions within this city are at a low or high risk of a particular disease and how this risk has progressed over the last ten years to the present day. Therefore, the health atlas will dynamically display, on a publically available interactive website, the past and present health landscape.

This project is funded by the Medical Research Council and is a collaboration with Niels Peek of Manchester University.